The first savings credit card is for people looking to fix a bad credit score. As an invite-only credit card, it is only available to those who receive a pre-qualified offer. As First Savings Mastercard is not secure, no security deposit is required. On the other hand, this card may incur high fees depending on your credit rating.First-Savings-Credit-Card

First Savings Bank issues its credit card called First Savings Bank Credit Card to improve your credit score. FirstSavingsCC registration is required to take advantage of the FirstSavings credit card. You will then receive a username and password to log into your First Savings Credit Card in the future so that First Savings Credit Card customers in the United States can enjoy its benefits at no cost.

Benefits Of First Savings Bank Credit Card

The benefits of the First Savings Credit Card are listed below:

  • MasterCard

You may already know that the First Savings credit card is MasterCard. That means it will be accepted wherever MasterCard cards are accepted. And today, MasterCard is accepted almost everywhere. Also, you can use this card for both online and offline purchases.

  • Online Account Management

The First Savings Credit Card provides an online account for each cardholder. You can manage everything from this account. And your online gateway is up to date with the latest security. Since you can manage everything about your card from your account online, you don’t always have to go to the bank.

  • Low Fee for Additional Authorized Users

You can add new authorized users to your First Savings Credit Card. And for each user, you only need to pay $20 a year.

  • Reports to Credit Bureaus

First Savings Credit Card automatically reports cardholder activity to 3 major credit reporting agencies each month. Responsible use of your card and paying bills or payments on time will improve your credit score.